A “GOLD SHOW” is a prepaid show. The model decides what they will do in their show, how long it will be, and how much members must tip to watch. The model sets a goal number of “tokens” they want before they will start the show, and how long they will wait to reach that goal. The model can choose to start the show before the goal is reached, or they can choose to cancel. If a model cancels a show, all members will be refunded, and the model receives nothing. 

The content of the "GOLD SHOW" is decided by the model. Viewers are able to chat amongst themselves, but the models do not chat with viewers, they focus on delivering a super hot XXX show. Once the show begins, all members who have paid will be taken to an exclusive chat room where the show will happen. You can tip more than the minimum amount of tokens, if you want the show to start faster. Viewers are able to come and go from the show once they have paid, and viewers can pay to join the show at any point once it has started. Refunds are only given if a model cancels a show, does not finish the show, or there is a connection problem.