Refund policy




Conditions Refund

Paying services for the participants (Models) is final and is not subject to refund, except for cases determined by the following conditions. If you think that any participant (Model) did not provide service, to which the model directly agreed to provide to you within paid video conferencing, or if you face technical difficulties which you did not manage to resolve despite the measures taken, please contact our Support Service and inform us about the character of your claims. Please remember that the maximum term of submitting claims shall comprise one (1) week from the incident. In case your claim shall be confirmed as justified, the respective amount will be transferred back to your account on the website.

If you do not agree with the sum, charged from your credit card, you need to contact us before referring to the company emitting credit cards to reject payment (*refusal from transaction*). You should contact us via email and state the reason why you claim the sum written off. It will allow us to consider your reclamation. In case it is approved as justified, we will return the disputed amount to your card. It takes up to three (3) working days to return funds (if approved).

Payments of participants (the model) are final and non-refundable, except as provided in these Terms of Cases. If you believe that any of the participants (model) did not provide the service, which they agreed to specifically provide you, or if you have any technical difficulties that you are unable to resolve despite the efforts made, please contact our tech support and inform us about the nature of your claim. Remember that the maximum deadline for submitting claims is one (1) week from the date of the incident. If your claim is successful, the corresponding amount will be credited to your account on the Site.

If you disagree with the amount charged to your credit card, you must contact us before you contact the company that issued the credit card to cancel payment (* * rejection of the transaction). You must contact us by e-mail, and specify the reason why you dispute the amount written off. This will allow us to review your claim and if it is successful, return the disputed amount on your card. On a refund (if approved) will take up to three (3) working days.

Cameralux grants refunds under special circumstances. Be advised that our refund policy only applies with the following conditions:

  • Your concern is related to a live model using Cameralux's adult webcams platform. We do not take responsibility for any difficulty occurring outside Cameralux and affiliate co-branded sites.
  • You placed Your complaint within three (3) working days at Cameralux's Support Department.

The Support Department will investigate all complaints using chat logs and other data at its disposal. Cameralux will only issue a refund in case the complaint is proved to be well grounded and we feel that a refund is appropriate. Such circumstance is when you lose credits due to disfunction of Cameralux or a performer in the private chat refuses to provide erotic content or gives false promises and statements. In these cases we refund the time you spent with the respective model in any amount we see fit.

Please use the support form located at Support Form or send an email to support(at) in case you would like to report any problem. Cameralux's Support Department will investigate all reports as soon as possible. There may be delays, but rest assured your problem will be addressed.

In the event that a transaction is refunded, all refunds will be made by crediting the credit card that was used to make the original purchase.

Please note that only full purchased packages can be refunded. If you spent part of the credits you originally bought and have an issue with the transaction we will not be able to partially refund it to you. We can only refund the original transaction amount if available in your account.

Refund of damages and warranties

In no circumstances, including without limitation, the negligence, the website as well as participants of the Partners` Program of the Site, shall bear any responsibility for either direct, indirect, incidental, actual, arising or potential loss, caused as a result of using or impossible use of the Site and its provided services. The User shall definitely agree with the fact, that the Site does not bear any responsibility for disreputable, abusive or invalid behavior of any user or participant (Model); deterioration of working characteristics, failures, technical works, deletion, defects, work delays of the Site or transfer of signal, connection failures; theft, destruction or illegal access, change or application of accounts, due to unintentional professional errors or any other reasons, to any amount exceeding the one paid by the user to the Site.

The User agrees with limitation of obligations and release from liability of the Site for its authorized officers, heads, managers, users, agents and employees due to any claims, losses, debts or costs (including acceptable payment of services for legal consultants), arising as a result of violation of conditions in the User Agreement by the User. In case of demands for loss refunds arising or commencement of claim by the User or the Site in terms of services, provided by the Site or with its mediation, the User agrees to follow personal jurisdiction of local courts on the territory of the company- the Site owner. The Site does not take any representations and warranties either for information or services provided. The Users apply services, provided by the Site, at their own risk. Neither Site nor any other party, involved into development, creation or provision of the services or materials, shall bear the responsibility for any direct, accidental, arising, derived or potential loss, occurring as a result of your access, application or interpretation of the services or information, supplied by the Site or due to its mediation.

CameraLux is prepared to issue a refund to your credit card for unspent transactions in your account that were purchased within the last 30 days.

Refund Requests Made Directly to Your Bank or Payment Processors

Please note that requesting a refund directly from your credit card company or the CameraLux billing processors may result in your account with CameraLux being terminated with immediate effect. In the event that your account is terminated, you will not be permitted to open further accounts with CameraLux.

If you are dissatisfied with the services provided by CameraLux or wish to dispute a transaction, please contact us directly and we will do our best to assist you.

Chargebacks and Fraud

Chargebacks and/or any activity that will prevent CameraLux from collecting funds from a token purchase will be considered fraudulent and may result in your account with CameraLux being terminated with immediate effect.

In the event that your account is terminated, you will not be permitted to open further accounts with CameraLux.

If you believe a chargeback and/or credit card refund was issued in error, CameraLux will require that you repay the amount purchased. Once the disputed amount has been covered, CameraLux will reactivate your account with its service.

If you are dissatisfied with the services provided by CameraLux or wish to dispute a transaction, please contact us directly and we will do our best to assist you.

Indemnification and Warranty

Under no circumstances, including, but not limited to, negligence, Website, as well as an affiliate of the Site are not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or potential damages arising from the use or inability to use the Site and services provided to them. The user confirms unequivocally agree that the Site shall not be liable for the defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of any user or member (models); deterioration of performance, error, technical operation, deletion, defect, delay in operation of the Site or the signal transmission, connection failures; theft or destruction or unauthorized access, modification or use of the accounts as a result of unintentional professional mistakes, or for any other reason, for any amount in excess of that which was paid by users of the website.

The site does not undertake any representations and warranties regarding the information or services provided by them. Users use the services provided by the Site at your own risk. Neither the Website nor any other party involved in creating, producing, or providing services or materials shall not be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect, or potential damage caused as a result of your access, use or interpretation services or information provided by the Site or through a representative. Without limiting the foregoing, the Site does not assume any warranties of merchantability, for a particular purpose, or non-effects of materials contained in the Site in terms of their correctness, accuracy, relevance or reliability.

This agreement involves a complete understanding between the User and the Site with respect to its subject matter and supersedes all previous written or oral agreements. This Agreement may be amended after notice of the User Site. If this agreement is not contrary to law or otherwise stated therein, all of its provisions remain in effect after termination. Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom contracts concluded and fully respected in the country. The side winning a lawsuit to ensure compliance with the terms of this agreement, is authorized to recover attorneys' fees.

We do not issue refunds unless there are extenuating circumstances for which we feel a refund is merited. These may be things like great dissatisfaction with a model’s performance in private or pay chat or the site not working properly for some reason. In cases like these, we will issue refunds in the form of site credit or cash on a case by case basis. Things such as other complaints the model has received or other customer comments will be taken into consideration. If any dissatisfaction arises as a result of a User's experience with an independent model who uses the Site software to host video chat rooms a refund will be issued in the form of site credit that can be used with other performers. The amount of compensation depends on the specific situation and is determined by the administration of the site. 

If you still want your money back, you have to contact the online transaction processing company, which you can find on your bank statement. 

 The Agreement is subject to any regulation and interpretation in compliance with the laws on agreements, entered into and fully complied in the country of location for the company - the Site owner. The party prevailing in the action on supporting fulfillment of the conditions under this agreement is authorized to charge costs for the attorney.

Please Note: Before asking for a refund, keep in mind that models are not obliged to fulfill all your requests

You must place your complaint within 24 hours at CameraLux Support Team
Amounts spent on related services – such as Recorded Shows and Gold Shows – are not refundable. 

Please send the message to support using contact form. CameraLux Support Team investigates all reports as soon as possible.