Be In Control With These Hot Interactive Guys

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Interactive Male Live Sex Cams

Take advantage of the latest advances in technology and use it on these hot and horny men who are waiting for you to take control of their pleasure. These submissive hunks love being taken control of by a sexy alpha like you. Take XXX cam sex to the next level by toying with one of these horndogs in an interactive sex chat. Control their fleshlights, dildos, and vibrators to react how you want. Make the speed on the vibrator in their tight ass hole buzz faster, or make it spin around. These dirty boys will love it. Make the fleshlight on around his fat cock tighten, or move faster. He’ll have no idea what’s coming next….or when he’ll cum next.

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Interactive cam sex is like no other experience. Instead of just watching your favorite man use toys to pleasure his cock, ass, and whatever else he likes, you can be in control of how those toys work. His pleasure is in your hands. The higher token amount you give, the wilder the toys go, and your filthy cam boy will be screaming your name when he shoots cum out of his dick, because you’re the one who made it happen. We bet you’ll be squirting your seed too.

Not everyone can be as interactive as they would like to when it comes to sex in their real life. This is the beauty of online sex. In these XXX sex chat sessions, there is no shame, no judgement, and no filter. These shameless horndogs are here to please you, and love taking requests to try something new. But maybe you’re not ready to have your true identity known. Online sex is discreet-you don’t have to reveal your identity if you don’t want to. Sometimes it’s sexy to be mysterious. The beauty of online cam sex is that you can reveal however much you want of yourself. If you just want to watch quietly, that’s ok. If you want to chat with the model in a group setting, you can do that as well. If you want to chat privately with the model while keeping your identity a secret, that’s possible as well. But if you’re just too excited and want your sexy online partner(s) to see you get excited watching them, you can do that too. Our cam models love being able to watch their sexy clients react to their performances, but respect your right to privacy as well.

Be In Control With These Hot Interactive Guys

Online camming is the sexy new technology leading the way into the future of the online porn industry. And interactive play is even newer and sexier. Standard porn sites have pre-recorded videos that are ok, but don’t let you have any say, or have control over the toys. But on CameraLux, you’ll get to be in the action live with super hot guys. Our entertainers love putting on a sexy show for their hot customers, and love even more when you take control and make their toys buzz, spin, pulse, slide, and tighten until they just can’t take it anymore. Interactive cam sex let’s YOU be the boss. These naughty studs and their cocks, balls, and holes are at your mercy.

While many gay men love toying with the guys on the interactive chats of, horny women who love taking control of a man will also love getting off with these guys on an XXX cam chat. Maybe you’re a lady who doesn’t feel like you have much control in your life, either workwise or other. These interactive cam sessions are perfect for you. YOU are in control of everything. If you want have the toys going at top speed then all of a sudden stop-to make your slave beg for them to turn back on so he can cum, then you can do that. If you want to see how much vibration that tight ass hole can take, give some tokens and set it to the highest speed. Our models are very receptive to all kinds of sexy visitors and they love having fun with everyone.

Your active participation in interactive cam sex requires tokens. Each toy’s function has a set token amount to it. In order to activate that function, you must tip the amount of tokens, and the toy will automatically be activated. Each model programs his toys to different token amounts and functions. An example would be: 30 tokens for 10 seconds of pulsing, or 200 tokens lets you control the speed and intensity of the vibrator. If you’re watching in a group setting, other people can also contribute and the model’s pleasure will be all over the place. If you just want to be naughty and be a voyeur, you can do that for free. And of course, you are free to show your appreciation with any amount of tokens.