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    For those of you not up on the current lingo, fuck buddies are 2 (or more) people whose main purpose of interaction is sex. They could be friends, acquaintances, coworkers, or neighbors-but they’re not looking for a relationship. They don’t want the baggage that comes with relationships-caring about each other’s feelings, being faithful, being tied down. There’s no commitment, no fights, and no problems. They both share a love of sex, and probably have a lot of the same kinky fantasies that they can act out with each other. Watch these fuck buddy dudes get together and have explosive sex. It’s the only thing that they have in common, so they’re not inhibited by other matters of life.

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    Don’t be fooled by the chemistry these two have. Their relationship only takes place in the bedroom (or wherever they like to fuck). There’s no deep feelings between these two studs. Maybe they’ll tell you the story of how they met in a bar, or worked together and had their first encounter in the supply closet, or maybe one of the studs is the brother of the other’s girlfriend...

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